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Presenters interacting at one of the SRC 2023 poster sessions
Stanford Research Conference 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

SRC 2024 FAQs

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Interested in learning more about SRC? An Info Session will be hosted virtually on Wednesday, November 29 at 7 PM PST. Register now at!

General FAQs

When is SRC 2024? Tentatively, SRC 2024 will take place April 5-7 (Fri-Sun).

Where is SRC 2024? Each year, SRC takes place on Stanford's campus, changing venues from year to year. SRC 2024's venue will be confirmed in the coming months.

What are the main events of SRC 2024? [PLACEHOLDER]

Who should I ask for clarifications about SRC 2024? Reach out to our co-directors, Matthew and Julia, for questions about the conference (see: Meet the Team).

Applying to present

Applications are now open! Click here to apply to present at SRC 2024.

When are applications due? Applications are open until January 15, 11:59 PM PST. 

Who is eligible to present at SRC 2024? SRC is a research conference by undergraduates, for undergraduates. All undergraduates enrolled at two and four-year institutions are welcome to apply. If you aren't currently enrolled as an undergraduate (e.g. you are a high schooler or recent graduate), please reach out to one of our co-directors (Matthew and Julia).

What does the application consist of? In addition to information about yourself and your research adviser, we ask you to submit your project’s research abstract, proposal, and your CV. While completing the google form, if you would like to apply for financial assistance to attend the conference, you will be led to our financial aid application.

Will applying for financial aid affect my application? No. We are committed to evaluating applications independently of expressed financial need. Not all applicants who apply for aid will be able to get aid due to our limited funds as a student organization, but no applicants applying for aid will be disadvantaged in the evaluation process.

Does my poster need to be completed by the time I submit my application? The poster does not need to be completed at the time of submission, but we expect the poster to be completed in the weeks leading up to the conference. We will reach out to admitted applicants with incomplete posters on a case-by-case basis.

For presenters coming to campus

Information about scheduling your arrival to campus will come in January.

Where will I stay during the conference? Accepted participants who are not local in the Bay Area will be housed with Stanford undergraduate student hosts in their rooms. Student hosts will be provided with air mattresses for visiting presenters. Visitor-host pairs will be put into contact with one another in the weeks leading up to the conference to allow coordinating living situations.