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Mentorship Program

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SURA organizes an annual Mentorship Program for undergraduates at various stages of their research career. The program is open to mentors and mentees of all disciplines, and aims to create pairings and/or groups in which all parties can share and learn from their research experiences.

Our mentor/mentee applications for Fall 2023 are closed. Reach out if you are still interested in being a part of the mentorship program!


Are you an undergraduate in finding additional support and/or community during your research journey? 

We welcome undergraduates of all levels of research experience to apply to our program. 

Please note that because our aim is to increase research accessibility, undergraduates with less research experience will be prioritized.


Are you a graduate student or an undergraduate with research experience? 

We invite you to apply as a mentor to the 2023-24 cycle of our annual Mentorship Program. We'll match you to mentees searching for your level of research experience.