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Interested in research opportunities and events on campus?

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Fall Recruitment Timeline

Want to shape the direction and execution of our initiatives? Each fall, SURA's committees look for new members. For the 2023-2024 year, recruitment went according to the following timeline, which is indicative of the general process.

October 5: Festifall, 4-7 pm at White Plaza!

October 7: Join our Prospective Intern social at 12 PM, Arguello Field to meet our committee chairs and learn more about our annual initiatives!

October 11: Submit your application by 11:59 PM PDT to join our initial cohort.

October 12-20: Check your emails for interview invitations and schedule an interview with a committee chair - you might have interviews for more than one committee.

October 21: Check your emails for committee decisions!

October 22: Join our welcome brunch at 12:30 PM for our new committee members!

SRC 2023 Committee members and SURA volunteers
Apply by Oct. 11 at 11:59 PM PST

Join a SURA Committee!


How do we function? SRC is organized into committees. Learn about our committees and their initiatives below, and see where you might fit in.

Stanford Research Conference Committee

Officers on the Conference Committee will be in charge of bringing the Stanford Research Conference–SURA's annual flagship event held each spring quarter–to life. Responsibilities include:

  • reaching out to research universities across the country in order to generate support for the event and to contact prospective student presenters,
  • developing conference programming via outreach to Stanford departments, faculty, labs, orgs, etc.,
  • coordinating housing and other accommodations for visiting undergraduate presenters,
  • handling all logistics related to food, venue, room hosting, complying with university policy, etc.,
  • maintaining a close working relationship with OSE from the beginning of fall quarter in order to ensure SRC has administrative support, and
  • maximizing participant experience–being mindful of how external students can benefit from Stanford’s resources and ensuring all religious, dietary, and disability accommodations are met.

Officers will gain valuable experience in planning large-scale events at Stanford as well as communicating and interfacing with impressive undergraduate researchers from around the country. Officers also gain the opportunity to develop meaningful programming for undergraduate researchers of all backgrounds, supporting diversity in all research spaces. We're seeking students with all types of skillsets and passions - graphic design, mindfulness toward disability accommodation, passion in advancing resource access equity for FLI researchers, a penchant for detail, etc.

Public Relations Committee

Officers in the Public Relations Committee will be responsible for promoting SURA initiatives and strengthening SURA’s presence on and off campus. Responsibilities include:

  • expanding our social media presence through regular postings,
  • social media, flyer, and email campaigns for all our events,
  • maintaining and publicizing a database of research opportunities and deadlines,
  • maintaining the SURA website (, which includes the homepage as well as associated sites for the Stanford Research Conference (SRC), events, and other SURA programs
  • recruiting students from universities across the nation for the Stanford Research Conference, and
  • promoting and running SRC alongside other SURA committees.

Officers will gain marketing experience and skills while connecting with various research departments throughout campus. We are looking for motivated individuals who will be committed to the club for the full academic year. Preferred (but not expected): previous PR experience.

Mentorship Committee

Officers in the Mentorship Committee will be in charge of organizing events for SURA's Mentorship Program and developing opportunities for mentors and mentees to connect with one another. Responsibilities include:

  • organizing the mentorship program,
  • contacting professors for faculty dinners, and
  • hosting mentorship events.

Officers will develop close relationships with Stanford faculty and graduate students while administering a program connecting and benefiting hundreds of Stanford community members.

Professional Development Committee

Officers in the Professional Development Committee will design and host a series of events tailored to helping undergraduates at every stage of their research journey, with an emphasis on beginner researchers. Responsibilities include:

  • holding workshops exposing students to different fields of research and how to get more involved, and
  • reaching out to speakers of various disciplines to share their experiences with current undergraduates interested in research.

Officers will be exposed to various types of research and faculty across many departments while developing programming to support undergraduate researchers of all experience levels and underrepresented backgrounds in research.

Social Committee

Officers in the Social Committee will be responsible for internal events to promote core bonding and external events for general members/Stanford to get to know SURA. Responsibilities include:

  • helping coordinate logistics for retreat dinner and social activities, and
  • planning fun events for general and board members of SURA each quarter.

Officers will gain event-planning experience and develop close relationships with other members of the SURA community, creating the memorable experiences that keep members returning to SURA year after year.