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About Us

SURA was founded in 2014 to fulfill an unmet need at Stanford - a community for undergraduates to discuss, collaborate on, and learn more about research. Despite the quality and quantity of research conducted by undergraduate researchers everyday, there lacked a centralized resource for beginning and experienced researchers alike to discover and pursue research opportunities.

SURA's mission is to provide that forum between seniors and freshmen, PIs and students, and Stanford undergraduate researchers and their peers around the world. Offering speaker events, mentorship connections, workshops, and an annual undergraduate symposium, SURA is Stanford's premier organization for undergraduate research involvement.

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The Stanford Research Conference

Held every spring, SURA’s annual conference serves as a forum where undergraduates from all over the country can present their work, connect with other researchers, and hear from distinguished leaders in the research community. Students who share their findings accordingly will receive valuable feedback from the students, alumni, and faculty members in attendance—feedback that will help them develop their interests further or redirect their efforts altogether. Students currently not participating in research may find a project that inspires them to explore an idea of their own. In this fashion, the conference will facilitate the exchange of information that is necessary for intellectual advancement in today’s highly interconnected society.

SRC 2017 will be held on April 14-16, 2017 in Stanford, CA. To learn more and apply visit our conference page.

Applications are due February 17, 2017.

You can also visit the SRC Facebook page to learn more about our event.

Our Initiatives

SURA helps empower undergraduate researchers through a variety of programs and events, open to all students interested in research opportunities.

Mentorship Program

Experienced upperclassmen are paired with underclassmen interested in pursuing similar research. Mentors will help their mentees navigate Stanford's complex research landscape.

Workshop Series

SURA partners with on-campus departments, most notably VPUE and UAR, to organize informational workshops on topics ranging from "joining a lab" to "grants and scholarships".


SURA hosts The Stanford Research Conference during the spring quarter of each academic year. To learn more about SRC 2017, the third annual conference, visit our Facebook page.

Faculty Dinners

The Faculty Dinner Series creates intimate opportunities through which students are able to meet and chat with Stanford's world-renowned research faculty.


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Labs Database

SURA will be launching Stanford's first all-campus labs database to allow students to find and discover research opportunities. Stay tuned!

Our Events

Here are some of our successful past and upcoming events!

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Workshop Series
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